Bed linen

Turn your bedroom into heaven with our collection, using only the finest fabrics and sophisticated bed linen designs. We can manufacture for you a unique range of the finest bed linen. Ranges: • Muslin Sheets • Percale Sheets • Pima Cotton Sheets • Sateen Sheets • Sateen Stripes sheet * In the following thread counts TC 130, TC 180, TC 200, TC 250, TC 300.

Description We fabricate unique bed linen designs using top-rank quality 100% cotton or linen. These deluxe bed linens are perfectly stitched in soft neutrals and white as well as in subtle colors or print designs provided in various finish categories as muslin, percale, sateen, and sateen stripes. We use blended fabrics taking into account durability, colorfastness, wrinkle resistivity and ease of washing.