How United Towel ensures quality of production


The UTE complex stretches over an area of 600,000 sq ft in the industrial zone, located in port city Karachi, Pakistan.

The compound comprises of vertically integrated facilities:
• Weaving Unit
• Dyeing Unit
• Bleaching Unit
• Confectioning Unit
• Finishing Facility
• Warehousing Facility

How we keep up with the times

UTE keeps itself upgraded with the latest cutting-edge machinery and equipment acquired from internationally renowned companies. Owing to this we have been able to meet the phenomenal challenges in an ever progressive corporate world.

Our technical portfolio includes:
• Dyna Terry Vamatex Looms
• Conventional Auto Looms
• Longitudinal Stitching Machines.
• Composite Stitching Facilities
• Bleaching Range
• High Temperature Soft Flows
• D Twister
• Continuous Tumble Dryers
• Continuous Airflow Dryers
• Boilers 10 TPH & 08 TPH.
• Softening Plant
• Reverse Osmosis Plant
• Self Power Generation.

The only reason we have survived for decades as a leading corporation is due to our values:

Customer Care: We care for our customers.
Individual Respect: Create respectful and honorable work environment.
Team work: Build and practice strong team work.
Innovation: Constantly pursue business innovation and improvement.
Integrity: We encourage honest and integrity.
Transparency: Responsible, trustworthy and law abiding in all that we do.