UTE Launched Corporate Video Documentary

Seeking high quality textiles for your business or home? United Towel Exporters (Pvt) Ltd. has it all, Innovative solutions for Hospitality, Health care and Service industries-from high quality linens to work wear-UTE gets the job done.

For virtual visit to our Mill please watch UTE’s Corporate Video Documentary .

Thank You

United Towel Exporters (Pvt) Ltd


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Quality Testing & Compliance Assurance

UTE laboratory performs a variety of tests covering the specific performance standards related to consumer end use of textile products in accordance with ISO, AATC standards including:

PHYSICAL CHARACTERSTICS: Fiber content, thread count, yarn size & GSM.

DIMENSIONAL STABILITY to Washing and Dry cleaning

COLORFASTNESS to Light, Crocking (Rubbing), Washing, Bleaching

PHYSICAL TESTS – Strength, Absorbency & Pilling Resistance

CHEMICAL TESTS – Finish Analysis and pH

These comprehensive test ranges shows our commitment to ensure that our product comply with our customers’ requirement.

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